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What is Orthorexia?

What is Orthorexia? By Alex Raymond, RD, LD I think most people would agree that is is important to eat “healthily.” But, what exactly does “healthy” mean? When does healthy eating become an unhealthy obsession? Those who have an “unhealthy...

Stepping into Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating: How to Begin I remember a time that I was the slowest eater at the table.  The person that everyone had to wait to finish eating at restaurants and asking for my ice cream in a bowl since it melted faster than I could finish it.  I would also wrap up...

Five Strategies to LOVE Food Again

Love Your Food EVERY Day Learning to love food again takes time. For one who is in recovery from an eating disorder, food can often be seen as the enemy. When the eating disorder takes over food becomes scary.  The eating disorder thoughts can remove all of the joy...

5 Things I Want You to Know About HAES

HAES: Health At Every Size By Dana Magee, RD, LD, CLT Health At Every Size (HAES) is a movement that is based on HEALTH as opposed to WEIGHT.  I see the truth in this movement EVERYDAY when I see my clients making healthy lifestyle changes that include feeding...

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