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5 Energy Bite Recipes for Athletes

Fuel Your Workouts with Energy Bites By Alex Raymond, RD, LD and Caroline Best, Intern Athletes, especially those with busy schedules, sometimes have trouble getting in enough fuel and protein to match the intensity of their workouts. Fitness progress can be slowed,...

Letting Go Of Perfection

What Does Perfection Mean to You? By Alex Raymond, RD, LD The topic of “perfection” has been coming up more often both in my sessions with clients and personally. It got me thinking about the idea of perfection—what it actually means and why it’s important. For me,...

3 Self-Care Myths Debunked

Self-Care: Common Misconceptions By Alex Raymond, RD, LD Do you have myths that need to be debunked? What does self-care mean to you? Before reading on, can you take a few minutes to think about this. Over the last few weeks, the theme of self-care has been coming up...

Helpful Links for Families

12 Resources for Parents and Loved Ones Alex Raymond, RD, LD Parents and loved ones of those struggling with an eating disorder are such important allies to the treatment team. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the loved ones who are willing to learn as much...

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