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Tips from 2017 Eating Disorder Conference: Three part series of certified eating disorders registered dietitians adventures

By Rebecca Bitzer, MS, RD, LD, CEDRD

Part 3: Action Items

Now it is time to put this into action!  Here are some of my favorite, inspirational take-aways from the conference!

How about buying, making and even decorating your very own Self-care Journal? Or simply keeping a list all your happy moments, positive thoughts, or anything you find inspirational?

eating disorder conference

Purchase a journal and fill it with ways to practice self care!

For athletes, there is oftentimes a lot of pressure and unfortunately, disordered eating is minimized. Have your treatment team talk to your coach or trainer. Did you know that there is actually “return to sport” guidelines and level of care guidelines based on evidence-based research? Talk to your treatment team about these.

eating disorder conference

Older women (and all women) with eating disorders need to reconnect with their bodies with deep breathing, yoga and other ways to self-soothe. There are many older women suffering greatly even if they are able to go about their daily routines.  As much eating disorders as breast cancer among 40-60 year olds.  The best action item I heard during this conference was, “I cannot give them what I don’t have. Get treatment when child has an eating disorder.” If you are struggling with ED, getting help will make you stronger and be an asset to your child’s recovery.

eating disorder conference

Try using yoga and breathing techniques to soothe yourself

STOP DIETING: Weight loss in women over 60 years of age is associated with a progressive cognitive decline.  Studies have shown studies that a slightly higher BMI in women over 60 can actually be protective and keep you sharp. Twelve percent of people with diabetes have binge eating disorder. There is a 100% fail rate with bariatric surgery with and eating disorder, many people try lapband surgery 3-4 times without success. Did you know that healthy lifestyle is just as good as a 20 pound weight loss for managing diabetes? Decreasing simple carbohydrates and walking improves diabetes management WITHOUT dieting or losing weight.

Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Or how about exercising the creative side of your brain? Maybe a painting class? Here is our Bobbi Boteler, CEDRD taking a painting class one evening after a long day of sessions.

eating disorder conference

Engage your creativity by taking a painting class!

Read a brand new eating disorder recovery book. Here are some of my favorites for sale at the conference.

Lastly, instead of watching some of the potentially destructive videos currently available. how about watching The Illusionists instead?  Not The Illusionist movie about magic, but The Illusionists about how the media plays on insecurities of beauty to influence people to feel badly and buy all kinds of unnecessary products and procedures. This eye-opening film will definitely encourage all kinds of healthy discussion.

eating disorder conference

The Illusionist: A film that shows how the media preys on our insecurities

Thank you for reading and let us know what you are doing for self-care and other action items for recovery!

If you need help with your self-care and/or eating disorder recovery, please reach out to us at rebecca@empoweredeatingblog.com

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