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3 & 7 Meals: Meal Planning Support for Eating Disorder Recovery

By Guest Blogger, Three&Seven Meals

Whenever you start a new journey you want to make sure you have all the supplies you’ll need.  If you’re heading to the mountains, you’ll want some warm jackets and sleeping bags, but if you’re headed to the desert a hat and plenty of water are going to be more important.  And when you’re on your journey through recovery, having the right support in place can make all the difference.  An outpatient team of therapist, dietitian, and psychiatrist are invaluable while working on your recovery.  Over time though, the supports available for someone working in recovery have remained relatively unchanged, until now.  We want to let you know about a new meal support service, Three&Seven Meals.  Three&Seven Meals is designed to be an added support to your existing treatment team to help with bumps in the road and maintaining your long term recovery.

What is Three&Seven Meals

meal planning support

Three&Seven meals can support you in your recovery

Three&Seven Meals is a weekly prepared meal service designed specifically to serve those recovering and trying to recover from eating disorders.  Developed after years of working with people struggling with eating disorders, Three&Seven Meals is meant to help remove some of the stress of meal times.  We prepare and deliver appropriately portioned meals, tailored to each individual with the help of their treatment team.

Our Philosophy

meal planning support

Three&Seven Meals is there to help support you through your treatment and recovery

We work from the belief that all food is fine in moderation, and our menus reflect this.  We offer a wide variety of food options, which allows each person to create their own unique meals.  We work with you and your existing treatment team to ensure you feel supported in your decision making and are able to get just what you need.  We strive to be an additional support for anyone on their road through recovery.  Three&Seven Meals believes that recovery is a journey you are continually moving through, which is why we reference the road through recovery, not to recovery.

How Does Three&Seven Meals Work?

We provide you and your treatment team with a menu of available options each week, which together you and your provider use to meal plan for the upcoming week.  Using accurate portion sizes, that are specified for each person, we ensure that you are getting the exact meal plan you need.

We provide three different plan options to meet your needs on your road through recovery, On The Go, Work Week, and Back to Basics.

Our On The Go plan can support you at any point on your road through recovery.  This plan allows you to order only the specific meals you need support with.  On The Go could be used when you need help with lunches on work days, or dinners when you have late nights planned.  On The Go could also be ordered for a few stressful days during exam time or when a big project is due at work.   On the Go is really meant to be whatever you need.

When you need more support throughout the week, we offer our Work Week plan.  This provides you with three meals a day and up to two snacks for five days a week; allowing you to try cooking your own meals on the remaining days or going out to eat with family or friends.  Our Work Week plan allows you to have the support when you need it while still building skills to be able to succeed on your own.

meal planning support

We offer different plans, based on your needs

Our most supportive option is the Back to Basics plan, which includes three meals and two snacks a day for seven days a week.  This plan is great when you really need support at all meal times; maybe you’ve recently transitioned back home from treatment, or want to try one more option for support before committing to a higher level of care.

How do I get started?!

If you think Three&Seven Meals could be a support on your road through recovery, or just want to learn more, visit our website at www.threeandsevenmeals.com.  From there you can get in contact with us, ask us questions, and get started with your Three&Seven Meals service.  Once we hear from you, we’ll talk with your providers to make sure everything is in place for you to take the next step on your road through recovery!  We can’t wait to help you!meal planning support

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