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Once again, I was inspired to cook 3 meals over the weekend.  This has been working out well to have planned meals and leftovers for the busy work week.


I have also been relying on using my crockpot (slow cooker) so I don’t have to think about cooking once all the ingredients are combined.  For the slow cooker recipe, I tried Adobe Chicken which was delicious.   Instead of using a whole chicken, I simply used chicken breasts.


Adobe chicken from Allrecipes.com



And for a healthier version of burritos, I decided to use turkey breast meat and found this fabulous recipe for Turkey Burritos.  Instead of corn, I used black beans.  I love making a burrito bar so everyone can build their own burritos. This is always a hit when we have people over for dinner.


Turkey Burritos also from Allrecipes.com.

turkey burrito


Lastly, with the help of my husband who was craving steak, we bought a new cast iron skillet and tried to make steakhouse steak which was amazing, cannot remember the last time I ate sirloin steak, but this recipe is definitely a keeper. And sirloin is a leaner cut of meat.


Steak-house Style Pan Roasted Sirloin Steak from the hungrymouse.com



I hope this inspires you to prepare more meals at home.  If you are struggling with Meal Planning a Registered Dietitian can help! Click here to make appointment with us!

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