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Resources for Eating Disorder Recovery

Compiled by Alex Raymond RD, LD and Caroline Best, Empowered Eating Intern.

Our clients are always looking for inspiration and new resources.  Here are some of our favorite eating disorder blogs.

Julie Duffy Dillon, RD


Julie Duffy Dillon is a nutrition therapist who addresses some very important topics. Her blog, is full of wonderful posts that are a mix of popular nutrition topics and body positivity and other fabulous resources. She writes without judgement and has the mindset of a REBEL dietitian, encouraging a healthy, enjoyable, lifelong relationship with food over short-term dieting. We love her finding food peace motto.

Favorite Eating Disorder Resources

Here are a few of her posts we liked:

  1. The great thing about this post is that Julie recognized that as someone who has never
    suffered from PCOS, she would need help writing a blog series on it. She brought in a
    nutrition grad who studies PCOS and also suffers from it to contribute. The article
    explains the definition of PCOS, describes the common physiological symptoms, and
    discusses how nutrition and PCOS are intertwined. The post does a great job of
    breaking down lots of health and nutrition information in a very readable and quick
    article. Check out her whole series, each addressing a separate component of PCOS and
  2. Julie’s weekly articles include relevant nutrition topics, including this discussion of the recent New York Times article on the popular weight loss show, The Biggest Loser, and how most participants tend to gain back most of the weight they lost. Check out how she ties in a fun pop culture story with credible scientific study results and her own anti-dieting mentality. The discussion of why choosing enjoyable and healthy eating over dieting is something we love.

Jessica Penner, RD


Jessica Penner is a registered dietitian whose blog, Smart Nutrition, is a mix of recipes and nutrition articles. Her focus is on building and maintaining an enjoyable relationship with food. We especially love her “RD’s Spill the Beans” series where she interviews different dietitians who share their own philosophies on eating. These posts are a great resource where lots of different viewpoints and wonderful information are all available in one place.

Favorite Eating Disorder Resources

Check out two of the “Spill the Beans” posts we especially loved:

  1. RDs Spill the Beans – Featuring Corrine! This is a FANTASTIC post, where Jessica interviews another dietitian, Corinne Dobbas. Corrine discusses that her style for eating is simple and “free”, meaning that she doesn’t believe in off-limits foods. This post includes really well-put explanations of why eating without restriction and rules leads to a happier life. The two dietitians speak about what it means to be healthy, and how healthy isn’t a particular weight, I would highly recommend checking this out.
  2. RDs Spill the Beans – Featuring Nita! This is another really great post, where Jessica interviews dietitian Nita Sharda on her eating and lifestyle habits. Nita is all about eating as locally and ethically as possible, but also really emphasizes doing this 100% of the time is probably not realistic. If you’re interested in trying to eat in a more sustainable way, this is a great resource.

Jeanne Rielly, RD


This blog post very much deserves a shout-out, it’s registered dietitian Jeanne
Rielly’s comparison of Perfectionism vs. Body Wisdom, where she explains the
difference between perfectionism, which is exhausting, and practicing body wisdom,
which is empowering and enjoyable. This is a great, easy-to- read post on all the mental
and physical benefits of listening to your body.

Beth Rosen, MS, RD, CDN


Beth Rosen, a registered dietitian who has a whole section of her wonderful
blog dedicated to Diet-Free Living, deserves the spotlight. She has so many resources for learning how to live happily and without judging yourself and your habits. Her emphasis on becoming a “confident, competent eater” makes her a REBEL dietitian.

More Eating Disorder Resources

She also has some really wonderful recipes.

  1. This is a great post on “fearless eating”, and offers a very easy to understand
    explanation on how placing food in “good” and “bad” categories can lead to feelings of
    shame and guilt. She explains a great exercise for removing some of the temptation and
    guilt associated with “forbidden foods”.
  2. This is a post on how “healthy is an inside job”, meaning she discusses how we as a society need to stop associating being thinner with being healthier. Rosen then offers actual suggestions to live a healthier lifestyle that have nothing to do with losing weight.

Paige Smathers RDN, CD


Paige Smathers, an RDN, runs the blog, paigesmathersrd.com, which
offers informative and well written discussions of nutrition topics. She
offers eating advice that is realistic to those who have a busy life and her promotion of
intuitive eating is a great resource for those looking to have an empowering relationship
with their eating habits.

Her blog also has some easy and nutrition recipes and resources.

  1. This article is a fact-based and easy to understand summary of the danger of the rising popularity of elimination diets, which often have extremely strict rules and cut out entire foods groups. She not only talks about the physical risks of an elimination diets, but the mental ones as well.
  2. The best thing about this article is how relevant is. So many people tend to think of nutrition as all or nothin, you’re either eating 100% healthy or 0% healthy, which is not practical. This is a great post on eating healthy in a much more realistic way.

Kate Lee, MPH, RDN


If you’re trying to add more variety and nourishing food into your diet, please check out
Home Cooked Happy, where dietitian Kate Lee has so many easy to do
recipes that all look fantastic. She has recipes for so many types of eating and her
ingredients and meals tend to be kept simple.

Adina Pearson, RD


This is an article on Gut Health from dietitian Adina Pearson, and it definitely is one to check out. Adina’s thorough discussion of how maintaining a healthy digestive system is important includes lots of great tips and easy to follow explanations and resources. She talks about how dieting, especially fad dieting, can have unpleasant, or even dangerous, effects on your GI tract.

Emily Fonnesbeck, RD


Emily Fonnesbeck is a dietitian who does lots of nutrition coaching, working on helping people develop fearless attitudes to eating, her blog has a wealth of information of food tips and body positivity.

  1.  This post is so, so important. Emily talks about how you
    should always be skeptical of “health” information presented in the media.Those in pop
    culture or the media normally don’t have nutrition education, you should check out
    dietitians’ blogs ( like this one!) to get factual health information.
  2.  A great post on why you should pay attention to your cravings. Cravings can mean different things about your health, they can mean you’re hungry, you’re not eating enough, and many other things. Read this for good tips on how to pay attention to what your body is telling you.

Josée Soninsky, RD


Dietitian Josée Soninsky’s blog is a wonderful resource for recovery, her writing is non-judgemental and shows her compassion. Her article, and resources including Expert Tips: When You Want to Give Up On Recovery, offers powerful recovery strategies.


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